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Root Canal Treatment


Teeth that are decayed or damaged can be saved with a root canal treatment, sometimes called root canal therapy.

The process includes removing the pulp, blood vessels and nerves of the devitalised or damaged tooth. The tooth’s pulp chamber and root canals are thoroughly cleaned, and the dentist fills them with a special material before sealing the tooth. The final step is to place a crown on the top of the tooth that was removed for the dental procedure. We have an in-house dental lab for creating dental crowns, so the process is much faster than many traditional dental clinics where you need to wait several weeks for a crown to be produced by an outside dental lab.

Root canal treatments make it possible to save a tooth and avoid having the tooth extracted. If teeth are extracted, dental implants can replace them, but this is a more costly and time-consuming process.

When root canal treatment can help

A dead tooth no longer has circulation, making it susceptible to chipping, breaking or other problems if left untreated. Over time the tooth can become badly decayed and the bacteria in the infected tooth can spread to other parts of the body. This is why root canal therapy is an important option to ensure oral health.

If you think you have a tooth that needs root canal treatment and want to receive a diagnosis and learn more, contact us to make an appointment. We will be glad to discuss the options available and alternatives to a root canal.

Also, if you need if you have an emergency, we provide same-day appointments for urgent dental problems you are experiencing.

Root canal treatments with minimal discomfort

One of the most common questions we get about root canal treatments is pain relief and comfort during a root canal procedure. We offer a complete range of options to provide maximum comfort. These include local anaesthesia, IV sedation and other solutions such a pain medication after treatment. Before providing emergency dental treatments, we will discuss the most suitable options available for pain management.

Payment Options

If you’re asking, “How do I pay for root canal treatments?”, we offer a range of third-party financial options that enable you to spread payments for dental work over time.

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