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Find a smile that’s right for you with a pair of dentures courtesy of Woden Dental Centre in Canberra.

Thanks to advances in technology, dentures not only look more realistic but also feel good to wear.

They can help improve speech and make chewing much easier, as well as support the lips and face. Instead of being prefabricated, dentures in the modern age are designed to match the distinct features of your real teeth.

At Woden Dental Centre, we offer both full and partial dentures. Full dentures replace either the upper or lower teeth (or both), with remaining teeth removed. Partial dentures, however, replace one tooth or a group of teeth, attaching them to remaining teeth with either metal clasps or precision attachments.

Before being fitted for dentures, you will receive a full examination from one of our qualified dentists to assess whether your teeth are strong enough to support them, and to advise you of possible treatment options. Teeth might also be extracted during this time.

Impressions of your teeth and mouth are then taken so dentures can be tailored to fit your face. While immediate dentures can be made and fitted on the same day as teeth extractions, it can take between 2 to 3 weeks to produce a set of conventional dentures. When inserted, our dentist will ensure that they are a comfortable fit and continue to make adjustments.

The price of a pair of dentures can be influenced by several factors, including type of treatment, number of appointments, amount of preparation required and whether any teeth will need to be extracted.

On average, a set of full acrylic dentures can cost $2448, while partial dentures come at an average cost of $1350.

To find the right kind of dentures for you, call or email Woden Dental Centre today!

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