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Kids Dental

Once a child turns two years, it is wise to take them to an oral health therapist or a dentist so that they can do a complete oral health assessment. Of course, the dentist understands that they could be fearful and nervous, so will strive to make this experience comfortable for them.

We have highly experienced kids dentists at our Woden Dental Centre, Phillip Canberra.

The Process Flow

The First Visit

kids-dental-phillipYour child meets the dentist or an oral health therapist for the first time. Now, this is also a fantastic opportunity to get used to the high-tech dentist chair. The dentist carries out a visual inspection to ensure that there is nothing unusual about the kid’s teeth and gums. With the help of the dental mirror, the dentist is also going to count the number of teeth that are in their mouth. The child is going to enjoy this game.

The oral health therapist or the dentist who is going to meet your child is going to answer all the questions that you might have as a parent. They will do everything possible to make this meeting memorable for both the child and the parents. They will also train the kids on how to brush their teeth and teach them techniques that can help them maintain well their teeth. This information is also essential for the parents so they can assist their children at home.

The Next Step

Once the child turns four and is under six years of age, the dentist might want them to take an x-ray (radiography). The dentists these days use digital radiographs as they do not emit a lot of radiation. By checking the child’s x-ray, the dentist will know what is happening inside the child’s mouth. It will also help to detect any cavities.

Simple Tips You Can Follow

Kids are naturally excited and sometimes have fears when they are visiting the dentist. You need to do everything possible to make them feel comfortable.

It is vital for the child to understand that dental visits are something that they have to keep doing over the years. It is wise if you can avoid using words like ‘pain,’ ‘drilling,’ and so forth. These words can ignite fear and nervousness in them. Talk to them humorously so that they can better prepare for the dentist visit.

Try to book a morning appointment instead of evening, as most kids are tired after attending the school or pre-school.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule

CDBS is an acronym for The Child Dental Benefits Schedule. It commenced its operations on the 1st of January 2014. Children of ages between 2 to 17 years can receive the benefits of this particular program to get essential dental services. This program covers dental expenses for almost 3 million kids.

Information About the Program for Families

kids-dental-canberraUsing the CBDS program, Children can receive a variety of benefits to cover services related to dental treatments such as x-rays, examinations, fillings, fissure sealing, extractions and root canals. This program, however, does not include costs associated with cosmetic or orthodontic dental work. It also does not cover expenses related to any other services that a hospital provides.

Eligible children will get access to $1000 which is the benefit cap that they can use for dental-related services in the next two calendar years. To become qualified for this program, a child should be of age between 2-17 years. And most importantly, their family should get Family Tax Benefit Part A or any other relevant Australian government schemes.

Families may contact the Department of Human Services to check if their children are eligible or to see if they qualify to enjoy the benefits listed down under the CDBS program. You can also learn general information about this program on the Department of Human Services website.

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