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General Dentistry – Woden Dental, Canberra

If you are experiencing gum or tooth pain, or merely want to book a regular dental check-up, Woden Dental Centre can be of great assistance to you. We offer our patients a wide range of dental services to meet their dental needs. We are glad to invite patients both new and existing to our dental clinic to benefit from our services.


Visiting the Dentist

You do not have to wait for a tooth-related problem to occur before you plan a visit to the dentist. If you follow this strategy, you will end up spending so much money to get the necessary treatment. If you take preventive measures, you can easily avoid dental problems.

For example, meeting the dentist will help you get the necessary treatment to fix tooth decay as well as chronic diseases like oral cancer when it is in the early stage. You can also avoid complicated and costly dental procedures by scheduling regular visits to the dentists

It is true that some people need to visit a dentist more often than others as they might have problems such as plaque build-up or gum diseases. If you desire to maintain gums and teeth that are healthy, you should visit the dentist regularly. Regular dental check-ups every six months are highly recommended.  

Teeth Cleaning and Regular Dental Check-Ups

We at the Woden Dental Centre carry out a complete oral examination apart from providing teeth cleaning.

Our dentists are professional and have a vast experience in dentistry. They can assess or diagnose the health of the gums or the teeth with ease. Apart from giving world-class dental treatment and service, they also provide you with valuable tips, advice, and insights which you can follow to prevent other dental problems in the future. By doing frequent dental check-ups, you will not only protect but will also safeguard your beautiful smile.

Digital X-Rays

dental-check-up-xrayWe also perform digital dental x-rays. Using this service, you can quickly and easily identify gum or tooth related issues that you are facing currently. This way, you can take precautionary measures or the right treatment to eliminate dental issues. Our team has vast experience in performing digital x-rays and will make you feel comfortable during the entire process. Besides, our prices are quite reasonable, so you can conveniently and affordably choose to get your x-rays done at our dental clinic.

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