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Dental Check-Up & Cleaning

Regular Dental Check-Ups & Teeth Cleaning

If you choose to go for a routine dental check-up, we provide you with a thorough examination of the mouth, gums and the teeth. By identifying potential problems that are minor early on, you can prevent them from becoming big. 

At the Woden Dental Centre – Canberra, we recommend our patients schedule a regular dental check-up with their dentist every six months. You can significantly improve the health of your mouth and teeth when you get regular dental check-ups apart from taking good care of your teeth at home between check-ups.

Dentists use both high-end technology and their knowledge and skills to conduct a routine examination in a pain-free and comfortable environment.


What Are Some Things the Dentist Should Know About You?

During the first consultation, the dentist will try to learn everything about you regarding your health. The dentist will focus on understanding your oral and general health. It’s crucial for the dentist to know everything about your medical background as it will help them to plan the diagnosis and treatment.

For example, if a person has diabetes, the dentist might plan on using a different kind of anaesthesia to avoid increasing the risk of gum disease. Some medicines can cause your mouth to become dry and can eventually raise the risk of cavities. Our dentists understand how crucial this information is and will keep it confidential.

If you have any dental phobias, share this information with the dentist to be aware of your situation before starting any treatment. Some patients fear dental visits due to bad experiences in childhood. Talking with a dentist will help you to overcome these fears as they will do everything possible to help you overcome this condition.

Immediately after the first consultation, the dentist will also do a full check-up before devising a treatment plan.

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What Happens During the Check-Up?

At each of the routine dental check-up, a dental hygienist or dentist will ask questions to check if you had any difficulties after the last visit. Once you settle on the dental chair, the dentist will perform a check-up, after which they will do polishing and scaling.


A dental hygienist or a dentist will do a thorough check in your mouth to see if any cavities or plaque have developed. Plaque is nothing but a sticky layer of bacteria that is clear or transparent. They will also check to ensure that it has not converted into tartar on the teeth.

The dentist will also check to see if your teeth and distance between the gums are not shallow. There is also a high probability of getting gum disease if the spaces between the gums become deep. They might also check the throat, neck, face and tongue to see if there is any swelling or signs of trouble as some of the symptoms can indicate that the person has oral cancer. 

Scale and Polish

It’s vital for you to get the plaque and tartar removed from your teeth. A dental hygienist or dentist will have sophisticated equipment such as an ultrasonic scaler to remove large pieces of tartar painlessly. They might also plan on doing a deep cleaning of the gums by cleansing the gums that are both above and below the line with a tickling vibration.

After the surfaces become smooth, they polish to remove stains from the teeth. They do this using a slow-speed handpiece along with a soft rubber cup that can rotate. The cup has a polish which is made up of a material that comprises both fluoride and abrasive toothpaste. They use this mix to spin on teeth to become shiny and smooth.

Do I Require an X-Ray?


You might need to get a dental X-ray if the dentist suspects something after doing the oral exam or after checking the dental history. They might also want you to do this even if they have any doubt that the cavities are developing.

An X-ray helps the dentist to see how your jaw-alignment is and if there is any decay that is developing. They can see teeth that are impacted and identify abscesses as well as cysts that grow on the roots of the teeth.

What Happens After the Dental Check-Up?

The dentist is going to come up with a plan of action after performing the oral examination. They will come up with treatment recommendations and will also give insights or suggestions on how you should brush your teeth as well as tips on your diet and activities that should be avoided to improve dental health.

If the dentist thinks that there are some complications, you might be asked to return after a few days. They might perform tasks such as restoration work or do a filling or plan on installing a crown. If there is an intricate and complex work, they might merely refer you to a specialist like a periodontist, orthodontist, oral surgeon as well as an endodontist.

No matter what stage it might be, the dentist is going to be glad to assist you in identifying the right options after providing you with all the necessary information. You can make an informed decision after understanding the kind of options that are available to you. A good dentist is also an excellent communicator.

When Is the Next Dental Check-Up?

After you complete the check-up, the dentist is going to tell you when you should revisit the clinic. Usually, they recommend routine check-ups every six months. A dentist may, however, depending on your oral health needs, might ask you to come before the due date. We at Woden Dental Centre, we will remind you about your next appointment via text message or a phone call as you near the scheduled date.

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